Celebrating CASA Volunteers: CASAblanca Gala 2024

Nebraska CASA volunteers at annual gala

Celebrating CASA Volunteers at the 12th Annual Gala

On April 5th, we gathered to honor and celebrate the incredible advocacy efforts of CASA volunteers for youth and children in foster care at our 12th annual statewide gala.

Sherry Tonniges: A Beacon of Support

Sherry Tonniges was honored as a shining example of a CASA volunteer. She has attended dance recitals, Christmas concerts, school programs, soccer games, and parent-teacher conferences when no one else has.

Making a Difference, One Child at a Time

The children Sherry serves know that she is in their corner, providing much-needed stability in a world where consistency can be rare. Sherry's commitment reminds us all of the profound impact one person can make by simply being there when it matters most.

Honoring Nebraska Senator Anna Wishart

Nebraska CASA honored Senator Anna Wishart for her unending advocacy for foster care children. Not only have Senator Wishart and her husband Joe served as foster care parents, but she has also committed over a decade to serving on the Nebraska Foster and Adoptive Parent Association board.

Legislative Champion for CASA Funding

Senator Wishart's dedication goes beyond her personal involvement; she is the legislative champion for CASA funding, sponsoring crucial legislation to support foster children statewide.

Thank You to Our Generous Supporters

Lastly, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the generous donors and event sponsors whose support made the CASAblanca Gala possible. Their belief in CASA's mission to help abused and neglected children in foster care is invaluable, and we are grateful for their continued support.