How Nebraska Businesses Can Support Abused and Neglected Children

budget blinds logo and owner, John Mackenzie

John MacKenzie, owner of Budget Blinds in Omaha & Lincoln, Ames, Ankeny, and Urbandale, began supporting CASA after participating in a benefit climb of Mt Kilimanjaro for CASA in 2010. 

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is Optional

Since opening his Budget Blinds franchise in 2013, John has incorporated his passion for supporting CASA into his business. He understands how crucial it is to spread the word about how CASA plays a vital role in protecting our communities' abused and neglected children. As a result, Budget Blinds mentions CASA in its TV and Social Media advertising. 

Additionally, his salespeople drop off and discuss CASA informational cards when making sales calls to prospective customers' homes. They generously donate a portion of every residential sale to Nebraska CASA.

John currently serves as a board member of Nebraska CASA. While his support for helping CASA advocate for abused and neglected children in foster care predates his business, John reports that Budget Blinds has won jobs, partially due to its support of CASA. 

John recognizes the benefit of championing CASA to his potential business customers, which has allowed Budget Blinds to increase their support of CASA steadily.

Learn more about CASA and how your business can help the lives of abused or neglected foster kids in Nebraska. Contact us for more information.