New Child Abuse Reporting Site

“This new website not only simplifies the reporting process, but also makes it easier for Child and Family Services (CFS) to catalogue these reports,” said CFS Director Dr. Alyssa Bish. “Having such an important tool available to the public is a vital part of making sure we can take action on reports of abuse and neglect in our state.”

The online reporting portal can be accessed 24/7, allowing individuals to report concerns on their own schedule. The website has separate options for reporting allegations of abuse and neglect against a child and a vulnerable adult. Upon selecting an option, reporters will be asked to input their personal information so they can be contacted for clarifying information by CFS, a court, or law enforcement agency. Reporters can still choose to remain anonymous.

Reporters will be asked to include as much information as possible about the victim, including the victim’s personal information and means of communication, the alleged perpetrator, and other household members. The report includes an option to give as much detail for the incident of abuse or neglect, previous efforts to contact law enforcement, and other supporting information.

Reports submitted online will be routed to the appropriate staff at the State of Nebraska. By including their email, reporters can be notified about whether their report was accepted for assessment.

For more information about child abuse and neglect reporting in Nebraska, visit