Unveiling the Impact: Childhood Trauma and the Power of CASA Volunteers

sad foster child sitting alone

Childhood trauma leaves an enduring mark, but CASA volunteers wield the transformative potential to rewrite a child's narrative. Leveraging the seven C's, these Essential Building Blocks become the cornerstone of hope and healing.

1. Competence: Fostering Growth through Recognition

  • Discover how acknowledging young people's achievements and providing skill-building opportunities empower them to feel competent.
  • Explore the detrimental effects of hindering recovery after a setback.

2. Confidence: Nurturing Fearless Navigation

  • Uncover the crucial role confidence plays in a young person's ability to navigate challenges and think creatively.
  • Delve into strategies for instilling confidence that withstands adversity.

3. Connection: Building Security through Relationships

  • Understand the profound impact of connections with individuals, schools, and communities on a young person's sense of security and independence.
  • Embrace the importance of fostering environments that encourage creative problem-solving.

4. Character: Shaping Values and Integrity

  • Examine the significance of instilling a clear sense of right and wrong and a commitment to integrity in young minds.
  • Learn how character development contributes to a resilient foundation.

5. Contribution: Cultivating a Giving Spirit

  • Explore the positive outcomes of encouraging young people to contribute to the well-being of others.
  • Understand the connection between contribution and a sense of purpose.

6. Coping: Equipping with Healthy Strategies

  • Delve into the importance of providing young people with a diverse set of healthy coping strategies.
  • Discuss the correlation between coping skills and resilience in the face of stress.

7. Control: Empowering through Responsibility

  • Learn how instilling a sense of responsibility helps young people make wise choices and feel a sense of control.
  • Recognize the role of earned privileges in shaping responsible behavior.

Conclusion: Modeling Healthy Resilience for a Brighter Tomorrow

  • Uncover the bottom line: Actions speak louder than words in modeling healthy resilience strategies for children.
  • Reflect on the transformative potential of CASA volunteers in rewriting the narrative of children impacted by trauma.

The 7 Cs: A Holistic Approach

  • Gain insight into the adaptation of the 7 Cs from the Positive Youth Development movement.
  • Trace the evolution of the model, including the original 4 Cs and the subsequent additions of contribution, coping, and control.


  • Explore the foundational research behind the Positive Youth Development movement and the 7 Cs model.

In the journey to heal the effects of childhood trauma, CASA volunteers emerge as beacons of positive change. Discover the profound impact of the seven C's and how they form the essential pillars of resilience and growth.